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This page will be updated shortly once we have had feedback from the presenters.
Have a look at the activities of the groups as per the 2019 programme below.

Some interest groups are keeping activities going electronically or are using social media to keep in contact. Have a look at the activities of the following groups:


Interest Groups

The interest groups offer variety of activities covering many fields of interests. These groups meet in private homes or at suitable venues under the guidance of a group leader. Membership is open to all U3A members and fees are determinded by the group members; they are usually about R20 per session. In some cases there may be a venue-use fee.

The walking groups meets weekly on Tuedays or Wednesdays.

Day Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Monday Mah-jong
Travel Club
Mah-jong Mah-jong Mah-jong
Tuesday Walking Walking
Film Study (afternoon)
Photography (morning)
Walking Walking
Wednesday Art Interest
Circle Dancing
Laughter Social Club
Music Interest
Laughter Social Club
Film study
Circle Dancing
Laughter Social Club
Economic Matters
Laughter Social Club
Thursday History Armchair Travel Sharing Poetry S&T(maybe)

Interest groups Co-ordinator Weekday
Art Interest Group
Members offer to read up on a particular artist and then give a talk on their research. Participation and discussion are key. There are no fundis in the group. Discussions are informal and fun.
We meet in the morning on the first Wednesday of the month.
Barbara Gilmour

of the month
Music Interest Group
This group focuses on classical music but could include other genres such as jazz. Professional speakers or performers or members of the group do a presentation at each meeting. Members are kept up to date with concerts and musical events taking place in Pretoria and attend them ad libitum.
Mia Rich

2nd Wednesday
of the month
Sharing Poetry
We are starting a regular poetry interest group where we will take it in turns to share our enjoyment of poetry. The meetings will be informal and take the form of readings and discussion of selected poems by co-ordinators and members of the group.
Felicity Home 3rd
of the month
Economic Matters Group
This group meets on the fourth Wednesday morning of the month. This year the meetings will be on every second month, starting in February, then April, June etc.
Speakers on various topics around economic matters address us and discussions are encouraged. Financial and investment advice or planning for retirement are not prime features. We focus on aspects of economy as a whole.
Mia Rich

4th Wednesday
every second month
Science & Technology Group
The envisaged point of departure for the members of the Science and Technology (S&T) Group is at a lay level.
Shelley Browning

Eugene Fourie
to be decided:
Laughter Social Club
The club’s programme is designed to promote health and happiness through laughter. A new study reveals that laughter produces an abundance of gamma brain waves which is the only frequency found in every part of the brain. This means that laughter engages the entire brain. Each WEEKLY session includes simulated laughter exercises for persons of all ages using a fun routine; the practice of various techniques of breathing to maximize the flow of oxygen to the brain, and ends with a short guided meditation to create a balanced state of relaxation.
The proposed day is Wednesday, starting on 4 March, but is open to be determined by the participants.
The History Interest Group
The group meets in the morning on the first Thursday of the month, and one of the group presents a topic.
At present, the group has reached its maximum capacity, but interested members can put their names on a waiting list.
Felicia Fourie

of the month
Film Group
The Film Group operates mostly through email, sharing professional and members’ personal reviews of films currently on the Brooklyn Nouveau circuit. If there is a film really worth a discussion group meeting, members are invited to join the organisers – Gretchen Carpenter, Marion Marchand and Gill Udal – at a Brooklyn Nouveau midday screening. Lunch afterwards at a nearby restaurant is optional. No advance dates are set as this meeting depends entirely on the Brooklyn Nouveau schedule. Members are advised of any meeting via email.
Gretchen Carpenter

Marion Marchand

Gill Udal

2nd Tuesday
of the month
The Travel Club
is complementary to the Armchair Travel Group, is for people who are enthusiastic about travel and, in particular, those who would love to travel but hesitate to do so on their own.
Meetings are a mix of arranging trips and travel-related entertainment. We meet in the afternoon of the first Monday in the month.
Hilarie Riphagen 1st
Monday, afternoon
Armchair Travel Group
Members give presentations to the group describing their own interesting travels, usually accompanied by photos of their trips, on the second Thursday morning of the month. Anyone with a trip to share is welcome to join the group.
Paula Herrmann 2nd
of the month
Mah-jong Club
Mah-jong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation plus a degree of chance. All are welcome to attend, even if they are just interested to see how it works.
Meetings are held every Monday morning of the month.
Anneke Coolen
Origami Interest Group
Origami, the art of paper folding, can cover a wide spectrum from purely decorative pieces to very practical objects. Anyone with an interest in paper folding can join the group, but it is recommended that they attend the Introductory Origami session first (to be arranged by Helga).
The group will meet on the 4th Monday morning of the month.
Helga Nordhoff

of the month
Circle Dancing Group
Circle dancing is fun and easy. No prior dancing experience is needed; participants only need to have the same level of fitness as would be required to walk around the block at a normal pace, and a partner is not required. Each dance is taught at the time so it is not a memory test – although it does sharpen the mind! Circle dancing is for participation and enjoyment; regular participants notice that it relieves stress and is great fun. Participants/dancers meet twice a month on the first and third Wednesday mornings at the St Albans Scout Hall, Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk.
Yvonne Shapiro

1st & 3rd
of the month
Walking Group
This group meets once a week, usually on a Tuesday but sometimes on a Wednesday. The walks are not too ’rugged’. The group has time to enjoy coffee or a meal afterwards.
Gail Victor

Photography Interest Group (PIG)
The group is open to any member with an interest in taking photographs, skills being at any level and with any kind of camera, from DSLR to cell phone camera, digital or film. This will not be a camera club, so there will be no competitions, but a general sharing of knowledge and expertise. The group meets on the second Tuesday of the month and unless otherwise communicated meetings take place at the Newlands Park Retirement Village (230 Gloxinia Ave, Newlands).
Activities envisaged include: Excursions to destinations such as the Botanical Gardens, the Buddhist Temple etc. Workshops/Talks depending on interests such as smart phone, portraits and group photography, camera hardware etc. and
Review – constructive criticism of work if wanted.
Ulrich Nordhoff

2nd Tuesday of the month

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve
Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

Bishop Bird Park
Bishop Bird Park