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U3A Pretoria Committee and communications

To contact the whole committee, e-mail or
Portfolio Name Tel. No. E-mail
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Chair Gill Udal 082 578 4192
Deputy and Course
Committee Leader
Jenny Janisch 012 460 8270
Deputy John Lambert 012 460 5089
Treasurer Ken Brown 012 804 8248

Verna Brown 012 804 8248

Jan Meyer 082 347 0432
Secretary (Minutes)
  Gerda Rautenbach 012 361 1372
Secretary Colleen van Niekerk 012 361 4833
  Philip van der Merwe 012 460 9036
  Yvonne Shapiro 083 268 2763
General queries    

Email and correspondence
If you do not have an email address, could you please ask a member who does have one to contact you with interim information.
Although we do not allow the circulation, via our newsletters or email list or at meetings, of advertising material, information or requests not directly related to U3A activities, we will under certain circumstances promote cultural or educational events that are of benefit to our members, for instance the Brooklyn Theatre and Tuesday Forum programmes.

Once regular activities resume you will receive ONE document with important general information e.g. banking details, course etiquette, committee contact details etc. We suggest you print and file a copy of this document for easy reference. The information will also be available on our website and FaceBook page, and be given to new members. The quarterly newsletter will then focus on current events only.

Maintaining contact with members during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since March 2020, we have been keeping contact with all our members by sending regular e-mails containing links to interesting sites, including music, art, travel, theatre and articles on a variety of subjects. To access the Google folder of all of these messages and their attachments:

The messages are in the documents called
“U3A lockdown messages 1-30”,
“U3A lockdown messages 31-60”, etc.

The attachments are numbered as per the messages that they belong to.

The most recent Jacaranda Journals (the U3A Pretoria newsletters) are also in the folder.

Gill Udal

Chair Gill Udal

Download the Constitution of U3A Pretoria to learn more about its structure and aims - it is available as a pdf document.